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Gingerbread House Kit

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What better way to get into holiday spirit then to build your own Gingerbread House? Le Cordon Bleu's Chef Nicolas Belorgey has prepared an easy to assemble Gingerbread House kit. Just follow the 20 minutes step-by-step instruction video from our Chef.

Each kit comes with extra icing and festive-colored chocolate covered nuts to let your imagination run free as to how to decorate your house.

House building could be a fun bonding activity whether you do with friends, family or co-workers.

The Gingerbread House is 100% edible including the chocolate covered nuts decoration. All assembled with sugar icing.



November 15th  to December 8th (Sales now closed)

November 26th 

December 10th
(4pm to 6pm)

IMPORTANT: For allergy related information, please read the FAQ section carefully

Gingerbread House Kit includes:

100% edible gingerbread house parts (walls, roof and fence)
Icing sugar to build house
Red & green chocolate covered nuts for decoration
Chef's instruction video on how to assemble house (20 minutes)
Bonus video on how the chocolate nuts were made (2 minutes)

Gingerbread House Kit:

Item no longer available for sale

Your common questions & our answers for the Gingerbread House Kit:

Q: Are the Gingerbread House pieces made at Le Cordon Bleu?
A: Yes. The entire Gingerbread House is made from scratch at Le Cordon Bleu. Q: Does the Gingerbread House kit come with assembly instructions?

A: Yes.  A detailed 20-minute video done by one of our Bakery Chef Instructor explains step by step how to assemble the Gingerbread House. Can view video at: http://lcbl.eu/ark  Basic written instructions will also come in box.

Q: Can children under 12 assemble the Gingerbread House without adult supervision?
A: It is recommended that an adult be present when doing the assembly of the Gingerbread House, mainly to ensure that the structure of the house is stuck well together with the icing sugar. Once the structure is solid, then children under 12 could be left on their own to complete the decoration. Due to high volume, we are not able to accommodate modifications of any kind.

Q: Does the Gingerbread House kit come with decoration?
A: Yes. The Gingerbread House kit comes with red and green chocolate covered nuts to decorate the house. Also comes with additional icing sugar to do personalized decoration.

Q: Is the Gingerbread House comestible?
A: Yes. The entire house can be eaten including the decoration. It is recommended to eat the Gingerbread House at most within 5-7 days from assembling (depending on the overall exposition to external components such as house dust).

Q: Are the Gingerbread House pieces made at Le Cordon Bleu?
A: Yes. The entire Gingerbread House is made from scratch at Le Cordon Bleu.

Q: Is the package nut free?
A: No, it is not. The food is prepared in environment where nuts were handled.

Q: Is there gluten in the package?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I pay with a gift card?
A: Yes. Online payment accepts credit card and debit card. For gift card payment the customer must call (613) 755-2374 for processing.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: There is no option to cancel once you have placed your order. Your order confirms your intent regardless of the change of conditions of the COVID19 pandemic.

Q: How does the pick-up work?
A: Pick up will be done at the Signatures Restaurant entrance with curb side pick-up at the selected pick-up time. To ensure zero contact, you will need to show your order ID from your car window and open your trunk. Our employee will put your order in trunk of your vehicle. Pick up details will be sent to you via email and posted on this website.